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This unique poetry book is a thought-provoking and compelling perspective from the author, who is also a spoken word performance artist. In this book, he uses a “street vibe” to connect with the readers similar to his style of engaging with his audience.


Through four themes, Bruce shares the legacy of the black experience from the Atlantic slave trade and the scattering of his people, the freedom fighters, and the unity that has stood the test of time through back-breaking hardship, broken families, misery and pain and the continuing struggle for equal rights for people of colour around the world.

He writes about the collective consciousness of his people, the strength and courage of the men and the sheer steel and beauty of the women who endured atrocities through generations but continue to profoundly influence and impact the lives of many. He loses his inhibition and delves into the wonder of love, the broken-heartedness of lost love, his pride described as a life saver, but not always a matchmaker. The book takes you through adversity, pain, love, laughter, indulgences, strength, hope and a vision for equity from a poetic perspective.

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