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Bruce Cadogan

I am a personal trainer/fitness and conditioning coach. I specialize in fitness as a main goal. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle which you having been trying for a long time but without success, then let me help you to achieve that goal as I will teach you how to isolate muscle groups to get the best out of your session and feel the difference. I have designed a battle rope full-body workout program and for those who like to put on gloves, I also do boxing sessions for fitness. Whether it’s bodyweight exercises, HIIT or weights I can help you to achieve that goal. I train at a park in Chadwell Heath, or PT Studio 1 IG6 (there is no joining fee as like most gyms) in Ilford and cater for some mobile training as well as online classes. I have plan for short-term 6 weeks, mid-term up to 3 months, and long term 6 months

6 weeks

For 6 weeks plan £40 per session

3 Months

3 months plan £35 per session

£30 if two people join together

6 Months

6 months plan £30 per session

£25 if two people join together

** One free session when block booking made **


  • Level 4 Strength & Condition Fitness Coach

  • Diploma in Exercise Referral (working with some clients who have health problems)

  • Certificate in CPP courses – advanced kettlebells,

  • Advanced Core Training, Advanced Medicine Ball, Advanced Fitness Test,

  • Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity

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