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I am Bruce Cadogan, welcome to the my page, an amalgam of my varied interests. I’m a big believer in maintaining a healthy mind and body. As such not only am I a writer, poet and spoken word performer but also a Strength and Conditioning Fitness Coach and Level 4 Personal Trainer.

When I was 12 to 13 years old, I remember using my mother’s dining table as a workout bench. She caught me a few times using it with my made up weights and as you can imagine, she was not impressed. From an early age, exercising has been second nature to me, not a phase, but a lifestyle, a way of living. My philosophy is, in life your family and friends will forgive you over time for something you did wrong but your body will not forgive if you abuse it.

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For me, being healthy and fit physically also reinvigorates my mind and helps me to focus on my other passion, writing. In summer 2018, I was left with a broken neck, ruptured shoulder after a motor accident. That same year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and pre-diabetes. With resilience and consistency, I’ve come back to my best health and fitness level after that catastrophic time and now help others to get back to health. I perform my own poetry and have recently published my first book of poetry, ‘To Hell and Back’ sharing historical social justice issues, as well as poetry about life, love, courage, and survival. If you are interested in being your best self Bruce Cadogan Total Fitness has a plan for you

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